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by FKZLubliner

Artistic and Program Director and the initiator of the Festival – Etel Szyc

Implementation team:

Alicja Czagowiec

Małgorzata Drozd-Domaciuk

Paweł Hadrian

Marek Hubert

Joanna Kolstrung

Chrystian Orzeszko

Maciej Rukasz

Bartłomiej Rzucidło

Piotr Szamryk

Paweł Stecura

Piotr Szyc

Magdalena Rubenfeld Koralewska – visual identification project

We would like to thank the Jewish Religious Community in Warsaw for funding, cooperation and support for the project.

We would like to thank the management of the Ilan Hotel and The Olive Restaurant for their invaluable help in the implementation of the Festival.

We would like to thank Agnieszka Kolibska and Izabela Kozłowska-Dechnik for their support and help in preparing the Festival.

We would like to thank Gabriela Żuk, Deputy Director of the Center for Culture in Lublin, for her help in organizing the Festival.

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